Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outside your box

Years of habits and looking in the wrong places can place you in a deep creative rut. Comfort sets in which feeds complacency – a deadly combo. This isn’t to say that the work you produce is valued any less by anyone, but for the creator, complacency becomes crippling.
Every once in a while, it feels good to clean out the head, heart and soul and trash it. Trash it all. See the world with a new set of eyes. Dig deep, look inward and decide what it is you REALLY have to say.
If you were to push the reset button today, what would Step 1 look like for you?:-)

Every year I go through a time period where I unplug, shut down and literally stop creating for myself. . I don’t know why or how I let myself get like this, but it never fails. I blame it on the dreary skies and cold weather for months on end (we get to enjoy in Pittsburgh). This is a lame excuse.
The real reason is getting busy with the mundane and self created worries/fears which takes away my soul. Don’t get me wrong, we have Good busy too, it’s the other busy and worries that are self created that truly block any form of motivation I can muster.
As of lately I can’t get enough of art. I have been doing things that I have never considered trying – and it is opening up the floodgates to my creative mind. Nothing that I am doing is ground breaking and it may not even be good, but I’m creating which is all I want…

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