Friday, February 18, 2011

 After the longest break from painting , I am back to it and I couldn't feel better about it! I never questioned returning to painting, I knew I would eventually. I didn't force it, I let myself have the time I needed to take a step back and remember why I do this, what I love about it, and to reclaim the JOY of painting. I won't get into the things that dampened my inspiration - I don't feel like giving them any power since I've learned what I needed to and am ready to move on. But I will say this - it is never over. If you are ever an artist (in my case I am not even an amateur :-)), you are never NOT an artist, even if you don't pick up a brush or a sculpting tool or whatever it is you use/do for some time. To any artists out there that have experienced or are experiencing a lack or inspiration or an artist's block, my advice is to just wait it out. It will come again and when it does you'll be refreshed and so inspired.Now is the perfect time to get back into my own work.

These two pieces are the first to be completed out of a batch of several canvases in progress. I'm working on different styles and techniques canvas right now... and I'm just loving the bursts of color and the playfulness of these new works although i am yet to develop my own  style and stick to it...right now its about experimenting and having fun !

Hard core winter here in THE BURG.  I just might get buried by cabin fever under all of this snow and ice. It has been INSANE and the snow just keeps on coming! I'm quite thankful for the timing of my return to painting because I'll be leaning on it to get me through the rest of this monstrous winter.

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